Acclaimed Photographer and Cinematographer

Wolf Suschitzky Photos

BAFTA has presented Wolf with a Special Award for a Creative Contribution to Cinema, given at a gala evening in the BFI on 19 July, 2012.
Wolfgang Suschitzky

One of the worlds greatest photographers, Wolf Suschitzky

Wolfgang Suschitzky was an internationally acclaimed, Austrian-born photographer and cinematographer. He was a probably best known for is work with Paul Rotha and for his work in the film Get Carter. He was a major figure in the British film & photography movement in the 1930s and 40s and he had the amazing ability to creative an incredible atmosphere out of seemingly normal and natural settings. Photographically, he is probably best known for atmosphereic images and photos of London.

Wolf Suschitzky

"I enjoy all photography. My approach is to 'find' photographs... to observe things, not arrange them." - Wolf Suschitzky

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